The Restaurant

The soul of our restaurant is, as the name of the place recalls, Antonio Fratea, better known as chef Toto.
His career began from afar, when at 11 he began working in the confectionery of his native village in Calabria. After studying at the hotel school, Toto decides to work at sea, and it is on ships with
important names such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Julius Caesar, that he gained a valuable experience as a chef. Ships where international high-level cuisine reigned, for wealthy and demanding passengers.
chef toto genova


In 1975 Toto settled in Genoa and began a new adventure in catering, opening his first restaurant in Valpolcevera in 1981. For twenty years Toto is dedicated to gastronomy with great results and at the end of the nineties he decided to move to the seafront, in what today is one of the most beautiful and characteristic place of Genoa.
Our restaurant is the perfect place to combine the pleasures of the palate with those of the view, thanks to a location in the center of Genoa, close to the Old Port and the Aquarium, where you can
enjoy a delicious cuisine overlooking the sea, between sailboats, overlooking the Lantern.

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