From dream to reality…

It is difficult to imagine a restaurant in a big Italian city, with a more suggestive view than this one.The large windows that surround our restaurant offer a unique view of Genoa that literally invades the place.

We are on the front of the port, at the head of the Ponte Morosini, one of the long piers that stretch towards the center of the ancient restored port.

Yachts, catamarans, big and small boats…

…surround us with a forest of trees, antennas, garrule flags, on the left stretch the Magazzini del cotone (“cotton warehouses”), the Old Port and the Aquarium; on the right the granary silos, the Maritime Station, up to the promontory of San Benigno, cut by the Matitone.

Perhaps, the most striking aspect of the panorama that can be enjoyed from our restaurant is the view of the Lanterna, symbol of Genoa, that in its turn made by the harbor loop, ends up being
exactly in front of us, a couple of kilometers in air line. The characteristic light of the lighthouse reaches our restaurant during dinner, accompanied by the movements of the ferries and large cruise ships that sail away, dock, wait in the harbor, reflecting in the glasses and cutlery. Our customers can enjoy this view feasting inside the restaurant, but also on our terrace overlooking the sea, a small space in the outdoor that directly overlooks the boats and the new dolphin pool of the Acquario di Genova.

The marvelous external frame is accompanied by an elegantly furnished room, with furniture and teak parquet, the counter painted by Carminati, a famous Genoese painter, two 17th century
wardrobes, and finally a fireplace that adds a touch of romanticism. at your evenings.